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Stay up to date with the latest News & Announcements directly from your TFW Coach

Track your performance for every workout – exercises completed, weights used, reps and sets completed.

Monthly Leaderboard - Shows where you stand in comparison to other members of your gym (classes attended, weight moved, distance sprinted)

Upcoming Workout Schedule – if you cannot make it for a TFW class no stress as you still have access to the class program via the warrior tracker.

Recent Activity Social Feed – see what other TFW participants are doing, make comments, like and share!

Access to all available TFW classes.

Prior to commencing your first TFW 8 week challenge, all particpiants receive a 30 minute evaluation. This will be reassessed again at the completion of the 8 week challenge too.

The evaluation has 2 sections:

  • The 8 point mobility evaluation
  • Performance Evaluation

This evaluation has been developed over years to quickly asceratin basic mobility issues. All up we are looking for gross potential problems allowing the TFW Coach more aware of the person they are working with and of the participant becoming more aware of their own body. From here a strategy will be put in place to address these issues over the 8 weeks and will be reassessed again at the completion of the TFW 8 Week Challenge.

The 3 main issues that will be addressed are:

  • Pain
  • Tightness
  • Asymmetry

By joining the TFW Program or 8 Week Challange, you gain full instant access to Surge Fitness.

Facilities designed with everyone in mind, from young to old, from the starter to the professional. It is our goal to ensure that each member has the very best experience and enjoys our unique facilities.

Our members enjoy

  • 24 Hours Access
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Group Fitness Classes
  • Crèche Facilities*
  • Functional Training
  • 3 x 30min Complimentary PT Sessions
  • Cardio Vascular Exercise
  • Spin Studio
  • Professional Support
  • Nutritional Guidance

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TFW Merchandising is available at an additional cost including T-Shirts, Wrist Bands, Jumpers and Singlets.

  • All 8 week challenge members receive a complimentary T-Shirt and Wrist Band.

Optimise your fitness by conquering specific weekly challenges set by TFW.

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Proud Official Training For Warriors Affiliate

Surge Fitness

At Surge Fitness our purpose of making a difference, changing lives and building better communities challenges us to consistently innovate our products and services to ensure that we provide a highly engaging and motivating experience for all of our members.

The Training for Warriors program is testament to this and we are excited to add this complimentary and exciting new program to our group fitness timetables. Surge Fitness is the first health club in the world to integrate the TFW system and we are genuinely excited about the opportunity that this exciting new program will offer our members.

There are some distinctive synergy’s between the Surge Fitness brand and the TFW program in which we facilitate a personal journey of self improvement and self discovery backed by a wealth of facilities, innovation and care for what is important to you. A safe environment where all members are equal, making a genuine difference to peoples lives every day. This is why surge fitness really is more than fitness.

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