8 Week Challenge

The Training For Warriors 8 Week Warrior Challenge has been designed to maximize results, create holistic training habits and improve lifestyle choices with a key focus on all aspects of nutrition.

With this program you will receive a 30-minute consultation to establish your goals along with a physical assessment that tests your mobility, strength and current overall physical condition. The program itself consists of 3 training sessions a wee k (45 minutes each) in which you will increase lean muscle mass, decrease body fat, and increase your mobility. Upon signing up for this program, you will receive 8 weeks full Surge Fitnes s club access, nutrition support, before & after images, fitness workshops, coaches mailing list, Warrior Program Tracker and Warrior 20 Food Guide.

Included in every Warrior Challenge is the signature TFW Evaluation. This 30 minute evaluation will help you establish your goals and prehab recommendation. Our qualified TFW coaches will take you through an 8 point mobility screen to discover any ar eas of dysfunction/weakness and a physical assessment that will test your strength, mobility and current overall physical condition. The program itself consists of 3 training sessions per week (45 mins each) in which you will increase lean muscle mass, decrease body fat, increase your mobility, make friends and feel amazing.

8 Week Challenge Program

Week 1 - Your past does not determine your future

Workout 1 Warm up & physical testing

Workout 2 Total Body Strength – Kettlebell Deadlift

Workout 3 Energy Circuit – Ladder Circuit

Week 2 - Victory Pose - you can be tired, just don’t act tired

Workout 4 Introduction to Hurricane

Workout 5 Total Body Strength – Dumbbell Squats

Workout 6 Energy Circuit – Kettlebell Swing

Week 3 - The obstacle is the path

Workout 7 Hurricane

Workout 8 Total Body Strength – Pull Ups

Workout 9 Energy Circuit – Sprint/Tabata

Week 4 - Don’t put on your tie before you put on your shirt

Workout 10 Hurricane

Workout 11 Total Body Strength – Deadlift

Workout 12 Energy Circuit – Speed Circuit

Week 5 - Get comfortable being uncomfortable

Workout 13 Hurricane

Workout 14 Total Body Strength – Back Squat

Workout 15 Energy Circuit – Kettlebell Circuit

Week 6 - We focus – make the most important thing the most important thing

Workout 16 Hurricane

Workout 17 Total Body Strength – Deadlift

Workout 18 Energy Circuit – Sleds & Ladders

Week 7 - Feed the right wolf!

Workout 19 Hurricane

Workout 20 Total Body Strength – Front Squat

Workout 21 Energy Circuit – Timed Event

Week 8 - Last week, best week!

Workout 22 Hurricane

Workout 23 Total Body Strength – Bench Press

Workout 24 Re-evaluations

Next 8 Week Challenge Programs

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Surge Fitness

At Surge Fitness our purpose of making a difference, changing lives and building better communities challenges us to consistently innovate our products and services to ensure that we provide a highly engaging and motivating experience for all of our members.

The Training for Warriors program is testament to this and we are excited to add this complimentary and exciting new program to our group fitness timetables. Surge Fitness is the first health club in the world to integrate the TFW system and we are genuinely excited about the opportunity that this exciting new program will offer our members.

There are some distinctive synergy’s between the Surge Fitness brand and the TFW program in which we facilitate a personal journey of self improvement and self discovery backed by a wealth of facilities, innovation and care for what is important to you. A safe environment where all members are equal, making a genuine difference to peoples lives every day. This is why surge fitness really is more than fitness.

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